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Corby Anderson is a freelance writer based out of Colorado's resplendent Roaring Fork Valley. A prolific essayist, journalist, reviewer, blogger, poet, and novelist, Anderson’s works have been described as wildly descriptive, outrageous, thoughtful, and important. Author Jonathon Bastian wrote of Corby in his goodbye letter to the Aspen Daily News, where he was Anderson’s editor in the doomed but brilliant weekly sports magazine Roaring Sports. “Corby is developing into one of the most frighteningly unique voices in the valley and beyond.” Sports Illustrated writer Ivan Maisel offered this comment. “If your columns are half as entertaining as your emails, I plan to read them. Makes me think of trying sleep deprivation” Anderson holds bloody, hard fought ground somewhere in the middle of a mosh pit that swirls with the flying elbows, knees and teeth of Hemingway, Steinbeck, Thompson, Klosterman, D.F. Wallace, and Rick Reilly. Anderson considers himself a “sentimental absurdist." After completing his artist residency at a tiny old cabin called “Hawkshadow” high on Palo Colorado Canyon in Big Sur, he now works from a similarly tiny and aged shack in the historic valley of Emma in Colorado.

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