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“Screw that, I say Corby kicks ass!” – Cameron Burns, Mountain Gazette 

“If your columns are half as entertaining as your emails, I plan to read them. Makes me think of trying sleep deprivation” – Ivan Maisel, Sports Illustrated

“Corby Anderson has been writing in Roaring Sports since the first issue, and is developing into one of the most frighteningly unique voices in the valley and beyond.” – Jonathan Bastian, Aspen Daily News – Roaring Sports 

“Man, you ought to be WRITING for Rolling Stone…and if they are too stupid not to have you…then any other major publication will do. Or all of em.” – JaSound, the-grotto.com

“I love how this guy thinks AND he’s a darned fair writer!! A must read!”Annie, myspace.com

“Well, you showed that you could write!” – George Stranahan, Author, Physicist, Notable Crumudgeon

“I just want to thank you again for writing the story about my
grandparents! We gave them their invitation last night and my
grandfather cried when he ready the story. They were very impressed by
your writing. So was the rest of my family. You created a wonderful
family keepsake for us. ” – Lindsay Dyson, about “The Melton’s First 50 Years”

“…so obscene, gross, out of line and disgusting that I can’t even post it here. I take back everything that I said…I hope that you give him a raise and a key to the city!” – knucklesandwich, Aspen Times reader

“I like the way you think. You have to have a certain irreverence, odd humor, wit and creative delivery to tell a good story, and you have it. That and the balls to get out and experience life in a curious capacity.” – Joel Belmont, Fine Art Photographer


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