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Away from the grey, nauseous coast
free wheeling through a great, long valley
burnt to char, closed to overland travel
an easy cab for travel, blue and loud
loaded for bear, some of everything, except Bear
stories fly like ashy mud from rolling stock
until the decisions add up

across the cracked expanse
of the Central Valley
and a bitter, paranoid failure avoided
there is no hope in the Greenfield Sleaze Inn
It’s the Glory Road, minor through dirt road
red pocks stitched across a blank white void
Doctor Know indeed, intuit knew it
leads us to, over the finest night rally track
that I have ever bombed, dark and empty
as all unknown adventures should be
cows gather but stay put, black blurs on the hoof
the risk and reward, to persevere. Per severe ants
Pre-severance, too broke to go, too rich to stay
Pea Knuckle National Mausoleum
void of the holiday hordes that
abhored me on first attempt
shaken and discouraged enough to drive
two unknown hours, thus to sleep
in the cancer flakes of Asbestos Creek

All night loon chatter about a roaring fire
spoons and forks and thought full lines
drawn in the sands of my corporation plaque
blasting torrents of dead stars
tracing hell through the heavens
God becomes the topic de jour
for railing logic, pulled and pushed
until that notion too ascends in smoke
for his own consideration, or emptiness
finally, warm scotch seizes the mind
and turns off the fun receptors
until cold, lonely night locks the scene

And with day is play, this new place, still ours
empty save for a lonely tent that keeps appearing
looping drives to pay our share, but where?
a slow man allows passage into sweet water
the honor system and a giant tabulator
and off for the hills that bleed sand
and know the dark shadow of giant birds
the colors thicken in the falling light, bloom in dusk
it is a well beat trail, the heart knows a good trail
and rushes forth, testing its flow, alive to go
up through the golden spires, stalwart skies
in search of the Condors gliding on warm thermals
and now this rock, quake shot stone
to hold my calm, to hone my soul

C. Madison Anderson
Pinnacles National Monument


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Destination Destitution

by Corbett M. Anderson

Copyright 2012

Never said, livin’ was easy

That’s just summer in a song

Never said, dyin was hard

That’s just some collar on the phone


Never wanted, nothin’ at all

Well, I’ve got plenty of that

Anything’s better, than the nothin’ I got

But if I had you that’d be somethin’ else


Never know, the price you pay

Til’ the check comes in the mail

Never know, the debt you owe

Til’ the man comes with the nails


Destination unknown

Destitution well known

Destination unknown

Destitution well known and on and on and on…

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Best Life I’ve Ever Found

Bring your fat skis
and your dancin shoes now girl
we got a mountain party goin’
damn near two foot o’ snow

You gotta gotta go
Champagne snow is falling down
and the beer is flowin’ on

I gotta warn you though girl
We got a po-li-ceeeee
No friends on powder days
We’ll meet in Sneakies Trees

If this snow keeps falling down
It’ll cover this crazy town
We’re all gonna get on down
It’s the best life I’ve ever found


Written by:

C. Madison Anderson


Emma, CO

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Great Spirit

Open up my song book and pick us out a tune

There’s at least a million in there, we can read them by this moon

Shine on me once more please with that Farrah Fawcett smile

Let’s roll around the tent some more then dream a little while

Here’s a couple nuggets I dug back in Ninty-One

Those Mother Hips and Pale Ale sips sure been a lot of fun

When the morning comes I think I’ll cast a little spell

Sip mornin’ dew from my sagebrush pew on that San Rafeal Swell

Great Spirit, mustangs runnin’ wild in the sky

Great Spirit, got me feelin’ so alive

Great Spirit, seeing things I’ve never seen

Great Spirit, thank you for watchin’ over me

Don’t you disappear my Guinevere like you done before

I’m older now and I think somehow we’re better for that war

Fry me up some bacon, I’ll pour whiskey in your joe

Then let’s pack up camp, get our shorts damp in that Colorado

Your hummingbirds build up quite a thirst absent your tender care

Wings so soft, they’re held aloft like whispers in the air

Let’s pour on the miles Hazzard County style through this broken land

Play me your old polka tunes, then I’ll sang some Levon Band

Great Spirit, mustangs running wild in the sky

Great Spirit, got me feelin’s so alive

Great Spirit, goin’ places I’ve never gone

Great Spirit, sing us your summer song

By C. Madison Anderson

Emma, Colorado


All Rights Reserved

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Recess Is In

This day is done shot

and it ain’t yet noon

The shop’s still locked

there’s no work soon

Pawned my Dad’s watch

Still got time on my hands

Got one eye open

for the repo man.

To the dern fool who said money can’t buy you a smile

Watch the sun sink in it’s broken frown.

If time is money

then I’m rolling that dough

Just don’t bother callin’

my phones furloughed

I’d work way down there in the mines

but like e’ry thing else they’re all closed down

And it’s well past high time

my fortunes rebound

Milk my last coffee bean

and smoke my last butt

Gather dimmed wits

Try twice again to rebuild my dreams

To the dern fool who said that money can’t buy you smiles

Watch the moon rise upside down.

C.M. Anderson
Emma, CO


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Blunder Dancer (for Laura)

She is a bleach and sunshine

dirty beach blonde

scared of shadows

but glad she has one

it’s one friend she

can never throw away.


Supernatural disaster

that she wills

collapsing statues

fill her frame.


Blunder Dancer, the vogueing chancer

she see’s her reflection

clearly in the mud.


Built you a useless tower

for the midnight hour

when your tanner tenor

sees your play.


But what she did not count on

would take just one finger

to soundly express his dismay.


Blunder Dancer is no romancer

some build their dreams

she stacks her nightmares

in rotting fields of thorns and clay.


Wanna be on television

that was her only mission

vanity unlimited

empire of flimsy tenets

she’s just another waste

in the shroud.


Blunder Dancer, the image monger

with unconscious karma

how does her round heart

ever square?

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Whoever made this new decade

Surely didn’t know my plans

TV screens, electric dreams

All washed out like grains of sand


I’m gonna get me a city job

we’re gonna run this show

401k pay, insurance, va-cay

in this new position where I grow


I got zeroed out by the default louts

Took everything but my will

Houses, cars and new guitars

My accounts grow redder still


But that’ll all stop with my new city job

This ship will sail once more

Bonuses and advancement paths

Respect down at the store


Just wait till they see my resume

Nevermind that fateful hole

I guess if they don’t hire me that’s OK

I hear they’re hiring at the state.


C. Madison Anderson

Snowmass, Colorado


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